About us

news1IAC is a specialist and leading business-political content producer and communications agency. We lead the way for meaningful and editorially-rich stories that captivate the Indian business and political community in India and its international business Diaspora.

IAC was established to practically assist in money flow, direct trade and provide public diplomacy between the world’s emerging economies and India. We do this through a number of strategic dialogue mechanisms that ensure results; these include tailored high-profile panel discussions and engaging strategic media content that feature in leading and trusted brands in India.

IAC’s portfolio of news, product placement and information services is available in 3 different languages across major TV, digital, print and mobile platforms, reaching more than 16 million investors, business personalities and political minds in India as well as the highly influential Indian business Diaspora. We also reach a further 90 million+ from the rising middle class of India.

IAC is the number one international specialist content producer of its kind and works in producing content that engages and brings governments, investors, businesses and tourists closer together.

Economic and Political Analysis

With our strategic on-the-ground team, we delve deeper into the practical analysis that supports our audiences key decision making, from economic forecasts through to real life case studies on specified industries. We know because we are there.

Strategic Communications

The nature of public diplomacy has changed and as such, the role of strategic content is more important than ever. We enable Governments, leading organisations and key individuals to engage with the people who matter most in India and its Diaspora. We do this through print, TV, radio and online.

High profile live discussion panels

We are the leading authority in India-wide strategic communications. Our high profile live televised discussion panels bring together the 'who's who' of both nations, whilst providing compelling content that delivers results.

Engage on the facts

With main stream media it is sometimes hard to understand where the facts end and the fiction starts. That is why we ensure our audiences are provided key insight from the people who matter the most to a nation and present deeper engagement on the opportunities.

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