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IAC is a leading London based communication agency specialising in economic intelligence reporting on emerging nations for India. Via our unique content and strategic global partnerships, we enable leading investment firms, institutions and key decision makers to benefit from our complete coverage of international financial and developmental matters on emerging markets

We work hand in hand with over 10 of Asia’s biggest and reputable firms to help disseminate newsworthy information to a specific and influential audience.


For over 40 years, NDTV has shaped and challenged the way in which information has been engaged across economic India. Its presence is seen as a synonym for national business pride and development by being one of India's leading national and international news stations.

Every day across economic India and the vast international Indian Diaspora, millions of individuals have breakfast, lunch and dinner to the trusted news of the station. Its hosts are seen as national celebrities and as such it has attracted one of the most powerful audiences in Asia.

The station runs in both English and Hindi and was one of the first non-western business stations that provided coverage and hosted debates during the Davos event. NDTV has one of the most powerful reaches for TV across India and areas of high Indian Diaspora.

TV guests have included heads of state from over 60 countries, leading industrialists from around the world through to exclusive interviews with some of the world's leading experts on economic development including analysis from heads of the world bank, IMF and ADB.

The NDTV app is one of India's highest downloaded and used business media App's and also won the Brand of the Year award.

The Business Standard

Since 1975, The Business Standard has been available in English and Hindi across the whole of economic India and is a premier source of business and political intelligence. It has one of the widest print circulation and is the foremost subscription paper to the vast majority of Listed companies based in India. As such, this authoritative guide to national and international business and political news has become the sought after pink sheet of the business community, with key government offices receiving a copy of every edition. It is no surprise that it is one of the most credible news title's of India! The Business Standard warrants fierce brand loyalty amongst India's leading personalities and is read by key decision makers and has on-the-spot analysis from some of India's leading institutions. It has a distinctive reach across all business chambers, business clubs, 5 star hotels, VIP lounges in major Indian airports and sporting venues. It is also available on India's leading airlines.


Online the site has access to over 4million individuals per day from a range of commercial sectors making its readership one of the most powerful across India.

Further Coverage

Worldwide reach: Press releases
Our clients realise that when it comes to gaining FDI or promotion of services it is important to continue the dialogue with as many influencers as possible.
That Is why we offer the additional service of carefully crafting a range of strategic press releases that are sent directly to our extensive database of over 200,000 business and political journalists/commentators worldwide. We ensure that good news travels fast.

The word as we know it is constantly changing and SEO has now become of currency of online popularity. That is why we also provide online exposure on official popular news websites that are accessed by millions of readers every day. Direct posting to either online content, report or production will also be made. We provide further digital promotion through 2 of India's leading digital media websites; This ensures optimum SEO promotion and that your name is associated with positive and encouraging information.

Further television promotion:
We are able to arrange promotional advertising directly on India's leading news networks for further visibility for our clients. This can be a combination of either spot advertising, as well as show sponsorship ranging from the IPL to specific news coverage on key events.

Product placement services:
We provide carefully crafted messages and content that provides deeper reach within India. We can ensure your product or services is seen strategically next to the stories that matter most.

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